Where to Find the Best Food in Warsaw, Poland

A dark speakeasy, a train station ticket office turned club, a restaurant inside of a museum and historic cafes. These are just some of the unique foodie destinations you'll find in Warsaw, Poland.

Kate from We Travel We Eat. takes us through more must-try restaurants in Warsaw!

Don't grow up (it's a trap) 🎈
Not featured: a Disney cast member holding the balloons, my mom on the ground blowing bubbles, my 2 year niece screaming because she wants the bubbles, and Meyer promising to take 3 other girl's photos if they help stop traffic to get the shot 😂🤣😂

The Cheapest Days To Buy Holiday Flights Are Coming, Here's When To Purchase Your Tickets

The rule of thumb is to book your trips as early as possible, so now is the time!

Staying at L'Ma Lodge in Morocco

L'Ma means "water" in Arabic which is the perfect name for this ultra lush hotel. Between the gardens, the pool, cozy rooms and dreamy lounge areas, the L'Ma Lodge Maison d'hôtes Palmeraie de Skoura has got its aesthetic down!

You can also learn how to cook some of their amazing Moroccan dishes, get a henna tattoo or some of the traditional arabic language. Find out more about this exceptional hotel here:

The best outdoor supper clubs in the world

It’s like a classy picnic meets a community table…

10 Winter Weekend Getaways in the USA

Embrace the cold this winter! It's time to start planning your getaways. Where are you headed?

The Genius Reason You Should Take a Photo of Your Stove Before You Travel

A simple way to ease some anxiety before leaving for a trip!

The Ultimate Guide to Using a VPN When Traveling

Before I started traveling full time, I had no idea what a VPN was, what it did, or how to use it. But now, I use a VPN when traveling all the time—while on the road and even at home.

So, I’ve created an ultimate guide explaining WHY you should use one and HOW to use a VPN while traveling!

World's Best Museums

What’s your favorite museum you’ve ever visited?

Cruising Bai Tu Long Bay on Dragon Legend

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places I've visited, and cruising through the Bai Tu Long bay is one of the best ways to see the stunning landscapes!

Dragon Legend Cruise | Indochina Junk - Halong Bay

Photos from The Blonde Abroad's post

Walkin' into boot season like 💁🏼
So happy to be home in California for the first few weeks of fall this year! Here's a sneak peek of DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse's stylish weekender tote -- they're offering the tote as an exclusive gift with purchase for DSW Rewards Members starting today!

More information on how you can grab one here: https://budurl.me/KierstenXweekender
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Galapagos By Sea

I spent eight days cruising the Galapagos on Ecoventura - Galapagos newest luxury ship, the MV Origin, and had a life-changing adventure.

WATCH my new Galapagos video here!

The Best Time to Go to South Africa

Beaches in the summer, festivals in the fall, safaris in winter and wine tasting in spring! There are a ton of incredible things to do all year long in South Africa.

Want to know when exactly you should plan your trip? Click below:

Coolest Travel Jobs: What It’s Like to Be a Social Media Celebrity

Love this!

Ever wonder what my job is really like? Check out my interview with AFAR to learn a little more about my journey and experience becoming an influencer over the past 6 years!

What to Pack for a Cold-Weather Trip

You’ll need to dress warmly if you're traveling to a cold-weather destination; but feeling stylish, warm, and managing to fit everything in a suitcase, can cause a few packing dilemmas.

Here's my favorite cold weather style essentials and packing tips!

How to Stop Wine Hangovers

PSA this is very important information 🍷

Staying at Mahali Mzuri in Kenya

One of the amazing Virgin Limited Edition properties, Mahali Mzuri Sir Richard Bransons Kenyan Safari completely lives up to its name (which translates to "beautiful place" in Swahili). This luxury safari camp is in a great setting for game drives and to be surrounded by the nature of Kenya.

The rooms are beautiful and the traditional African cuisine is delicious!

The final days of summer in San Francisco ☀️🌁

Fall Travel Style Guide: 2017 Edition

As the weather starts to gets colder, we need to break out the booties and sweaters. I love the style trends this year, so here's outfit inspiration for this season!

Roman Colosseum's Top Level to Open for First Time in 40 Years

After some major restoration, this great view is finally opening up!

Hey soul sister 👋🏻

The Ultimate Resource for Travel Planning Websites

Everything you ever needed to get started with the logistics of your trips!

The 50 best taco joints in America, ranked

In honor of last week's National Taco Day, what’s your fave?

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Southern California

I have had such an incredible time being back in my home state of California. There is a reason so many people are inspired by this place and are drawn to visit. With all the diversity in people and places, there is always something fun to do or see!

From Santa Monica to Venice to Disneyland to Joshua Tree to Orange County to San Diego, SoCal has never looked so good.

For more examples of that Southern California glow, click below:

7 of the Scariest Corn Mazes in America

Looking for a little scare this Halloween?

*Cue tumbleweed* ☀️🌵

Tips for Cleaning Clothes While Traveling

Something a lot of people don't want to think about while traveling is LAUNDRY. But there are actually a lot of ways to take care of dirty clothes while traveling (thus allowing you to pack less).

No matter where your travels take you, with a little preparation, you can always find a way to get your clothes clean.

Click to find out the best ways to do laundry while abroad!

8 Hotels and Resorts You Can Sail Straight Into

Hop off the boat and straight into the lobby!

Travel-Friendly Beauty Routines for Every Budget

Between jet lag and the difficulty of finding my fave products abroad, it’s not easy to keep a standard beauty routine going. I needed something that was less maintenance and easier to put together on the go.

I have picked up a few tricks along the way, so here are my favorite travel beauty routines for every budget!

These 6 Cities Make The Perfect Alternative Getaways

Check out these great smaller towns to visit on your getaways!

Where is your dream destination? ✈️🌎

Driving the Cape Peninsula in a Day

Sunrises, beautiful beaches and lounging seals are just some of the things that you'll catch along your road trip through the Cape Peninsula.

Everything you need to know about this wonderful day trip here:

This Country is a Haven for Biodiversity

What are some of your favorite ecotourism destinations?

6 Ways to Spend Less on Travel

One of the main things I hear from people is that they can't travel because of the money. Traveling can definitely get expensive, but it doesn't HAVE to be! There are a lot of ways to spend less without missing out on amazing experiences.

Want to become a budget traveler? Click here for my tips:

The Ultimate Resource for Travel Planning Websites

Some good pages to bookmark while you're planning your trips...

Flying high above The Strip at sunset 💕🚁
Thanks for the amazing view Sundance Helicopters! | Visit Las Vegas

5 Fall Weekend Getaways on the West Coast

Where are you headed this Fall?

5 Fall Weekend Getaways on the West Coast

Plan your fall getaway now and thank yourself later...

Cliffside Selfies Are the New Hot Dog Legs

But who doesn’t love a good cliffside shot…

Staying at ARRIVE in Palm Springs

During my long stay in California I decided to do a little digging for some great hotels in the area. When I took a little weekend getaway to Palm Springs, I found the adorable ARRIVE hotel!

This place has everything you want in a desert oasis. A gorgeous pool, wonderful amenities, a coffee shop next door and even its own ice cream parlor.

Find out more about my stay:

12 amazing hotels perfect for animal lovers

Want to bring your furry best friend on vacation with you?

Vegas baby! 🌆🎲🎰
Visit Las Vegas

The Ultimate Gili Trawangan Travel Guide

After adventuring all over Bali, I got to take a little solo trip over to the island of Gili Trawangan (better known as Gili T) for a few days of relaxation.

I dove almost every day I was there, and let me tell you, the underwater scene was just as beautiful as the island itself. Here's everything you need to know about where to stay and play on the island!

Big Ben To Fall Silent For The Next Four Years

A four year cleaning for Big Ben means it will still be telling time, but without its iconic chimes.

Ten Reasons to Get Travel Insurance for your Next Trip

It may be a good idea to take a second look before you skip out on that extra travel insurance. Find out why:

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